An award!


The title ‘Versatile Blogger’ can mean lots of different things to many people, but SR said about nominating 1catholicsalmon : ‘ This blog is something different and uplifting all the time…’ A lovely compliment, thank you!  This accolade was  given by a fellow blogger who  is a  well-acquainted friend of 1catholicsalmon : she can be found at this address. Spend some time peeking in at informative, friendly and down to earth Christian posts. Feels like you’re popping in for a chat and cup of tea, every time.

As a recipient of this award I now need to fulfil these criteria:

  1. List 7 things about myself
  2. Nominate blogs for this award myself.
  3. To inform the nominated bloggers that in order to achieve the status of ‘ VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD’,  they have to fulfil the same criteria as I have.

Seven facts about a catholicsalmon:

  1. It’s a fish with determination.
  2. It’s on a mission to find out it’s purpose in life..
  3. It thinks creatively, in order to get where it’s meant to be.
  4. It is focussed and open to instruction, especially from older and more experienced swimmers.
  5. It swims against tides of dislike, open hostility and derision of it’s game plan in a secular society.
  6.  It is faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  7. It looks to the Lord God for True North.
Blogsites that inspire and uplift me on a daily basis:
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  1. SR

     /  June 15, 2012

    Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment. I am glad it makes you feel like having a “cup of tea” and a “chat.” It was my honor to give to you, as I love your blog. It is uplifting and inspiring and that is why I like it. Cannot wait to check out your other blogs, but for now have to do dishes! Ugh!! But hey I have a full stomach! It’s all how we look at it:>) God Bless, SR


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