Being ‘different’.


The U.K.  is awaiting the expected legal changes to be made to the fundamental understanding of the institution of  marriage, from being one which reflects marriage between one man and one woman,open in principle to the possibility of generating children, to one which reflects marriage between two people of the same sex. By redefining marriage as simply a contract between individuals irrespective of their sex, without regard either to its procreative function or to the complementarity of the relationship between man and woman is just plain wrong.

That in the Christian Church it is also a sacrament gives it a special value for Christian believers; but that in no way detracts from its character as an institution of central importance for the welfare of society as a whole, to believers and unbelievers alike. 

Here is an excellent post about this debacle.

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  1. Unfortunately, the U.K. is becoming just like Canada in this matter.

    • The shocking thing is that 600-000 people have signed a petition against this move, but the government chooses to ignore this petition and called unofficial.


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