An example of excellent apologetics.

Piers Morgan interviews a pretty remarkable Ryan Anderson about his views on marriage . Ryan displays tenacity, and doesn’t waver under  pressure and derision from the interviewer, Suze Orman and the studio audience.

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  1. I clicked it and it didn’t go to the page.

  2. OK, I see it now. Thanks. It drives me up the wall when “gay marriage” proponents refer to the “right to be married” as if that were the issue. That’s like saying we’re denying circles the right to be squares. The issue is that as long as they remain circles, they are not squares; we’re just reserving the right to know that. We’re not imposing anything on anyone, and we’re not being unkind to anyone. We just know what marriage is. We just don’t want to be forced to pretend to believe an absurdity. We need to keep the wording clear about that.

    • Great comment. I was so impressed with Ryan Anderson’s focussed attention. Loads of pressure from everyone around him. Admirable!


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