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Pope Francis to canonize 800 Catholics martyred at hands of Muslim invaders – Re-blog

Interesting reading here.

The Peanut Gallery

Peanut Gallery: The Vatican dares to tell it “like it was”… in this current climate of political correctness. I wonder what this will do for Christian / Muslim dialogue? Maybe interject some honesty? Or, is that too much to hope for? Time will tell.

Pope Francis to canonize 800 Catholics martyred at hands of Muslim invadersLiberty Unyielding

by T. Kevin Whiteman

Is Catholicism guilty of insensitivity and Islamophobia?

The head of the Catholic Church will be naming hundreds of Italian laymen to the Litany of Saints later in May, as reported by The Catholic Herald (of London, U.K.).

During the Muslim Ottoman siege of the southeastern Italian city of Otranto in 1480, Turkish soldiers had finally forced the garrison to surrender after a weeks-long siege.

Given the option of converting to Islam or every male over the age of 15 face the swordsman, every defender instead…

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  1. very interesting post. I am glad you reblogged it, 1catholic salmon. But, just to bring up my first honest thought: all those centuries ago. Yes, they were martyrs, sounds like they truly died for their faith. And our side also killed people for their faith back then: Crusades, Inquisition, pogroms, etc. We seem to look back into the past, make this determination, and forget that we did the same.
    Peanut Gallery wonders if it will affect Muslim/Christian dialogue, if it is time to inject some honesty. Good questions.
    I think what I would like to see is less stress on those martyrs of the past as far as dialogue. I think that the point made needs to be, yes, we also sinned back then and are sorry and repentant and . . . WE don’t do that anymore. I’d like to see more protest in the now, more talk, more vehement (verbal and diplomatic) public protest over the killing of Christians today for their faith, in the Middle East, in Egypt, in China, in India, and even that Protestant minister in North Korea who has become a political pawn. Today’s issues are what should be calling on the courage of Christians to defend the name of Jesus, publically and without fear of being politically correct.
    Yes, these men from the 1400s are martyred and deserving of honor, but don’t get tangled up in arguments hinged on the past anymore. Focus on the present as we honor those 800 brave martyrs.

    • Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you read the article. I agree with your sentiments, and would back any public outcry about the killing of Christians world-wide at t the present! A lot needs to be said about the persecution of Christians today.
      As a Catholic I am encouraged by the Church when She recognises fellow brothers and sisters as Saints; holds them up for their bravery and staunch, unwavering belief in God.
      I didn’t think about the pc side of it at all. Perhaps a lack of insight on my part? Catholics do too often just leave things as they are, for fear of ruffling feathers. I think the Vatican should always ‘tell it as it was/is’. More Catholics need to talk out. Our Faith has endured because of these and other martyrs just like them. We owe our Christian heritage to these giants of the Faith—Martyrs.
      No, certainly do not get embroiled in past history, but yes, tell it as it was/is.

  2. Yup, I agree.


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