Why Gays Are Great But Same-Sex Marriage is Wrong

The facts.

Life Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

If I had a dollar for every time someone attacked the Catholic Church’s views on gay marriage, I’d be a very, very wealthy woman.

Time for a game of Fact or Fiction!

It’s a sin to be gay
It’s only a sin to partake in homosexual acts (i.e. having sex with someone of the same gender). But gayness in itself is fine. The Church recognizes that homosexuality isn’t a figment of the imagination. She recognizes it as a combination of nature and nurture.

The Catholic Church hates gays
The Church loves all of God’s children, gay or straight. The Church loves sinners (i.e. ALL of us) and hates the sin (whether that be engaging in homosexual acts or any other sin, like gossiping or lying or stealing).

Gays can’t be Catholic
Again, love the sinner, hate the sin. The word “catholic” does, after all, mean “universal.”


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  1. Does this mean that if a heterosexual couple who can not have children should not get married because they can not be fruitful?

    • As a Catholic couple my husband and I should procreate, that’s what our bodies are designed for, that’s what we agreed to when we received the Sacrament of Marriage.
      You may make the choice not to. That’s up to you. Sex for the sake of lust and only lust is wrong, as it objectifies each one in the relationship and devalues the dignity of persons to mere sex objects.
      Good question.

  2. Hey, thanks for reblogging!! And, interestingly, a very similar comment about sterile heterosexual couples was mentioned on my blog… I like the response you gave here. I took a slightly different angle in my response.


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