Among the Catholics

A good read and one to think on for a little while

All Along the Watchtower


Newman noted that one of the problems converts had was with the reality of the Catholic Church. Most of them, like him, had had very little do to with the Catholic Church in its parish form before conversion. They had, as he had, studied a good deal, prayed a good deal, and had a good idea from the available sources of what it was they were joining. They were joining the Church founded by Christ. That was all true at the level of the ideal; in practice they found, as Newman himself did, things were somewhat different. People were often perfunctory in the performance of their religious duties, familiarity had bred if not contempt, then the sort of ‘by rote’ practice which had been an irritating part of his original church. As one Archbishop has put it, writing about the 1940s, there was:

mumbled Latin, rushed hurried gestures, half genuflections…

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  1. This is so true. Among even my faith sharing group, the amount of faith seems shallow. Picking, choosing what suits them. It is discouraging. But first, I need to take the log out of my own eye . . .

  2. It’s sad really. The ‘New’ Evangelisation is an attempt to re-ignite interest in the ‘sleeping’ faithful into getting to know Our Lord through this precious Faith called Catholicism It is so deep and so wide. Just too beautiful, meaningful and fulfilling to describe in words.
    At first, when I investigated the ‘New’ Evangelisation, I was taken aback when the resources stressed the re-evangelisation of lapsed catholics…..
    After much reading and consideration, I realised that the Church in her wisdom once again,
    knows what is important, knows what is vital:- What is a pretty desperate situation with so many lapsed, uncatechised and sacramentalised catholics and so many more who pick and choose between what they prefer to believe, it is her duty to catechise and preach to them. To bring them back into the fold. In our words, it is our duty. Reinkat, you’re not in your faith sharing group by accident.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    In Christ.


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