Powerful response to Boko Haram’s abduction of Nigerian girls

A Group of Nigerians and Muslims have launched a campaign in response to the recent Boko Haram abductions of young girls and other atrocities. The Campaign is called #NotInGodsName (Not In God’s Name) is an a public declaration to reject criminal acts in the name of God or any religion.

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  1. It is very powerful, but something in it didn’t ring true–it didn’t seem to be from Nigeria but from America. I hope that people do respond, to this and to other atrocities. It is time for all people of peace and good will to stand up and repudiate those who have become extreme and fanatical and who have twisted and perverted the tenets of religions.
    I have heard so many say that religion is the cause of all war and trouble–but religion is only a pawn. It is the lust for power that is the cause of all war, and those greedy for power use religion to manipulate others to support them.

  2. I agree….so true.
    Good observation here-it’s pretty slick. My point of view is that the message needs to be shared, and shared and shared again.


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